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Audio guides are history. Meet Aura, the new generation of museum visiting experience. We worked on this London-based startup’s brand strategy, and visual and communication identity. We focused Aura's strategic positioning, refined its brand promise and created a world of visuals fit for its freshly revamped vision. Working hand-in-hand with the Aura team, what previously was a city guide turned into Aura, Museum Genius.
We worked on Aura's brand strategy and designed its visual and communication identity. Through extensive research and a series of story-branding workshops, we crafted a brand book for Aura - a definitive reference for Aura's communication needs.
Client: Aura
Project Director: Hatice Çağlar
Creative Director: Onur Gökalp
Creative Strategy: Nur Yıldırım Eser
Art Director: Emirhan Akyüz
Graphic Designer: Ersin Alpan
Copywriters: Nick Werber
Project Manager: Merve Tuna, Oğul Girgin
Aura, Museum Genius
Launched in 2019, Aura is a content platform on art, culture, and history with highly developed location-based storytelling capabilities. The startup presented itself as a city guide that offered expertly crafted museum guides. Amongst very established competitors, it had yet to develop a distinct brand story and strategy.
Aura, Museum Genius
As a new startup, Aura also had to communicate its brand promise effectively both to potential users and investor/partners. It had to clarify Aura’s value proposition for both audiences, with a solid understanding of each form of communication.
Aura, Museum Genius
We worked closely with the Aura team across a set of workshops to understand their unique truth. Instead of competing in an already saturated playing field as a city guide, Aura had to position itself strategically. We realized Aura’s expertise on museum-related content was an asset they had to centralize. This was a foundational step towards building their new brand identity. 
Aura, Museum Genius
We also delved into academic research on museum-goers and how they consume museum content, especially around London. We investigated how and why they interacted with audio guides. We merged these consumer insights with the outcomes of our workshops, building together a sustainable brand with a real purpose and an actionable brand strategy. 
Aura, Museum Genius
Meet Aura, Museum Genius.

For its users, Aura provides museum visiting experience at its finest. For museums, it is a source of professionally generated content and technology. Overall, Aura is a wholesome brand with the purpose of making culture and art legible, understandable and accessible. 

We also updated Aura visual identity and created a set of communication campaigns in line with its brand story. Freshly refined, Aura is currently attracting global supporters including Microsoft.
Aura, Museum Genius
Aura, Museum Genius
Aura, Museum Genius
Aura, Museum Genius
Aura, Museum Genius
Aura, Museum Genius
Aura, Museum Genius
Aura, Museum Genius
Aura, Museum Genius
Aura, Museum Genius
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