Monroe Creative Studio is a multi-disciplinary creative studio based in İstanbul & London. Founded in Istanbul in 2011 by Hatice Çağlar and Onur Gökalp, the diverse backgrounds of its founders lend Monroe Creative Studio a unique synergy and an ability to offer a wide range of solutions to its clients. While we develop brand identity, produce communications materials, and do photography and video production, we also develop attractive and effective websites as well as create art projects.

As we founded our studio and were introducing ourselves in our own words, the most important key phrase we used was "inter-disciplinary.” In this way, any meaning of ‘design’ and ‘communication’ can be enriched by a multitude of sources to become a refined product, and, we believe, to gain in significance.

In choosing a name for ourselves, we were inspired by the iconic figure of Marilyn Monroe, the sparkling star of the screen, for her less-known sophisticated and strong dark side. There is more to the name than there first appears to be, and we liked that allusion to ourselves, too.

In disciplines based in design and video, Monroe’s professionals form a happy, confident, and cooperative team. You are welcome to meet the team on our office page.


Brand ID Development
  • Corporate and brand name
  • Slogans and tag lines
  • Visual Identity
  • Logo design
  • Brand ID design
  • Peripherals and signage
  • Corporate presentation design
  • Printed material for corporate; reports, brochure, catalogue, marketing Infographics and promotion materials
  • Corporate Web Design and Development
  • Corporate Video
  • Packaging design
  • Visual communication in ınterior
  • Design consultancy
  • Brand Communication Design; keyvisuals, printed and online materials, video advertising (Press) and promotion
  • Publication design; book, magazine, e-mag.
  • Web Design and Development
  • Web content management systems
  • Application design
  • Information architecture design
Video Production
  • Animation Video
  • Graphic motion and infographic video
  • Viral Video Ideas and Production
  • Case Video
  • Corporate Video
  • Music Video
  • Opening title design