Hatice Çağlar

Co-founder & Creator of Opportunities
Hatice was born in Izmir and studied film in Turkey and the UK. She’s also the co-founder and director of ART BY CHANCE Ultra Short Film Festival, a public art event that takes place in over 20 countries worldwide.
Before ART BY CHANCE Hatice spent many years in publishing as an editor and a foreign rights coordinator, as well as a producer in film and advertising. She creates art projects on everyday life and the culture of living together. She's a cook, big time cat-lover, cinephile, psychology enthusiast and a firm believer in good encounters and magic.


Onur Gökalp

Co-founder & Creative Director
Onur focuses primarily on branding, print, typography, publishing, communication and web design, and contemporary art. He also directs commercials and animation videos.
Onur is the chairman of Turkish Society of Graphic Designers (GMK).
He also works as the creative director for ART BY CHANCE Ultra Short Film Festival - a public art event that launched in 2010 that takes place across 20 countries around the world.
For the last four years, Onur has been lecturing on web design at Marmara University’s Graphic Design Department, his alma mater.


Emirhan Akyüz

Sr. Art Director
Emirhan specialises in branding, typography, editorial, print, multimedia, video and animation. He is also a Lecturer on Multimedia at his alma mater, Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts.
Emirhan received many awards for his work. He loves animals, movies, riding his bike, and is interested in playing percussion instruments.
Emirhan is a member of Turkish Society of Graphic Designers (GMK).


Nur Yıldırım

Creative Strategist & Content Designer
Nur believes in emotional and pragmatic storytelling. She is enthusiastic about words and short stories, as can be seen from her short story blog ‘Unexpectedly Short Stories’. Before Monroe, Nur worked in network and independent agencies where she won several awards for her scripts and many other projects.


Merve Tuna

Project Manager
Merve graduated from Marmara University Art and Science Faculty of History. She worked as a designer for 3 years and is now managing projects. In her future life, she would like to be a photographer, museologist and a forest human.


Mahmut Kalyoncu

Jr. Art Director & Motion Designer
Mahmut graduated from FMV Işık University’s Department of Visual Communication Design with a focus on film and motion graphics. Throughout his academic career, he produced work on opening title designs, commercial videos, short filmmaking, kinetic typography design and teaser video designs. Since 2010 he's been working in fashion photography, advertising and animation projects. Mahmut likes cocktails, palms, movies, music, literature and nature.
Mahmut is a member of Turkish Society of Graphic Designers (GMK).


Oğul Girgin

Project Manager
Oğul studied Psychology and Art History at Tufts University. After working as an Art Director for 2 years, he decided to switch hats - yet he always keeps his old one close. He is a conservatory trained violinist, a lover of big words, an ‘80s synth enthusiast, and an aggressive supporter of the Oxford Comma.


Seda Yüksel

Art Director
Seda’s produced work predominantly on branding, print, typography and illustrations. She is currently pursuing a Graduate degree from the Department of Graphic Design in Mimar Sinan University. Seda believes that her work visualizes what people can not verbalize, and she enjoys working on understanding these unspoken riddles.
Seda is a member of the Turkish Society of Graphic Designers (GMK).


Naci Mert

Graphic Designer
Naci attended Kocaeli University’s Department of Graphic Design, and is currently pursuing a degree in Photography from Marmara University. He was amongst the organizers of Fanzineist Istanbul International Fanzine Festival, and leads his personal fanzine project Banliyo Fanzin. A passionate gig photographer, Naci shot 504 gigs in 2019 alone.


Bengisu Öçal

Project Assistant
A self-proclaimed creative philosopher, Bengisu is currently pursuing a graduate degree in Philosophy from Istanbul University. Throughout her academic life, she accumulated experience working in multiple agencies. Bengisu is a firm believer in the healing properties of communication and human relationships, and seeks to contribute to projects that understand and effect the human soul through her philosophical, sociological and psychological studies.